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Doggy Hampers About Us dog gift hamper

We are a family business based in Brisbane, Australia, with a passion for creating lifelong memories. Our mission is to connect people through a shared love of dogs.


Hi, my name is Leita, I'm a self confessed dogaholic with a passion to better the lives of people and pets. Doggy Hampers was created not only to share the love of our dogs through gifts, but also to connect people through the art of gift giving. Isn't it amazing the power a gift can bring when it arrives at just the right time you needed it? It can bring joy, comfort, excitement... and ultimately build connection. We have especially witnessed this power during the Covid years.

At Doggy Hampers, we believe in creating change to improve the lives of those around us. For this reason, we have carefully selected our partners based on their philosophies. You will find that a lot of the brands we stock have larger ties to their respective communities and are involved in a positive way, whether that's as a social enterprise giving back to communities or as an eco friendly brand protecting communities. 

We hope that you will enjoy your time in our store and feel welcomed to pop in anytime. If you would like to join our community be sure to subscribe on the home page. If you have any questions please reach out to us at support@doggyhampers.com or through the contact page.


The story of us...

Prior to becoming a mum to a little human being in 2018, I was mum to my amazing Groodle Oscar. I say “amazing” because Oscar was a special case. He developed meningitis twice, suffered epilepsy, plus I ran over him in the car by accident. Oh the heartache! Oscar attended a veterinary specialist 6 hours drive away and had a partial hip replacement. But Oscar never complained. He was always happy and ready for an adventure. The front seat of the car was reserved for him, all human beings in the back. He came on every coffee catch up, holiday, family visit. He received the best dinners and was always given the biggest birthday and Christmas presents I could find.

Sadly, just before becoming a mum to my son William, Oscar passed away from a brain tumor. After a period of grieving I can now look back with immense joy at the experiences I was privileged to share with Oscar.

Thus, when the opportunity arose to create my own business, I knew I wanted it to be something that celebrated the joy and special bond we share with our dogs. Recognising special moments and turning those moments into lifelong memories is the core focus of Doggy Hampers.


The gift that keeps on giving...

At Doggy Hampers we believe in a pay it forward philosophy. Doggy Hampers has been partnered with Dogs For Kids With Disabilities since we began in 2018 and regularly make financial contributions as well as sending complimentary gift bags to graduating dogs as they enter their new furever homes. 

Dogs For Kids With Disabilities has since amalgamated with Assistance Dogs Australia and we are committed to continue our support to this amazing Australian charity. 

We have dedicated the entire Doggy Nourish Cafe Flavours range to this charity by donating 20% of profits to assist their cause. This means that every time you purchase a Doggy Nourish 30g or 90g Cafe Flavours dog treat, you are directly supporting Assistance Dogs Australia to train incredible lifesaving dogs for people of mental or physical need.


Our other projects...

Doggy Hampers was the start of a Doggy journey for us. Having a passion for the natural environment and wanting to incorporate more eco friendly products into our hampers, I quickly recognised that that there was a limited supply of eco friendly products available for pet owners and a lot of those that claimed to be eco friendly were not sustainable, hence creating a lot of confusion for consumers. Thus in 2019 we developed our own line of eco friendly products called Doggy Eco. 

Our Doggy journey continued with another passion in holistic health. We use natural health and medicines for ourselves and have used these on our dogs with great success (always through a qualified dog naturopath). I have always believed that our best health begins with our diet and allowing our bodies to do what they were designed to do. For this reason, in 2020 we created Doggy Nourish. All Doggy Nourish products are 100% natural proteins sourced in Australia and New Zealand and contain no preservatives or fillers. They are designed as a treat to promote healthy bodies and minds for training rewards or as a meal topper.