Freeze Dried Apple

Type: Dog Treats

CrispyFruits Apple contains the equivalent to half a cup of pure apple that has been peeled, sliced and freeze dried, locking in all the nutrients and flavour of the apple. Dogs love the taste of apple and it's a great way to get some extra fruit and veggies into their diet with a delicious crunchy treat... and the best part is you can enjoy some too! CrispyFruits produce only the finest human grade fruit treats.

Freeze-dried fruits possess a wide range of unique benefits, which is why they are used by astronauts while in space. They contain elements essential to space exploration which will make your life more simple too – including having a high nutritional value; being easy to open and fast to serve; being easily digestible but still being extremely tasty. The packaging makes post-snack clean-up easy too.

It’s also worth noting that CrispyFruits do not contain fat, nuts, dairy, gluten, sulphur, preservatives or artificial additives. Instead, this fruity snack offers you all the goodness of fresh fruit, being packed with fibre, minerals and vitamins. What’s not to love? 

Size: 10g