Fringe Studio Beer Mini

$27.00 AUD

Relax with an ice-cold beer and soft pretzel! 

This fun plush toy set for small dogs and puppies features a beer can, beer mug, and soft pretzel snack for your pet to enjoy!

Each toy is soft and cuddly for bedtime snuggles, but are ready to play. One squeaker is hidden inside each to help keep your dog engaged and entertained. Use these miniature toys with interactive burrowing or hide-and-seek dog toys to add more variety.


  • Fun and unique small dog toy set featuring a beer mug, beer can, and soft pretzel!
  • Loud squeaker inside each toy to ensure your dog stays interested and engaged
  • Small enough to use with most burrowing or hide-and-seek interactive dog games/toys
  • Soft and snuggly plush toys that provide gentle play and bedtime cuddles

Size: 10 x 9cm