Natural Spritzer Cologne - Bush Walkies


Easily get rid of unwanted doggy smells! The Happy Jack Co's range of 4 spritzer colognes are safe to spray directly onto your dog (avoiding head and eyes) and are perfect for in-between baths. They can be used as a deodoriser for bedding, clothing, the car and shared spaces.

They contain all-natural and organic ingredients with soothing Aloe Vera gel and essential oils, safe to use daily. 

 *Not for use on puppies under 10 weeks old, pregnant/nursing dogs, or dogs that suffer from seizures. Always check with your vet if unsure.


  • Bush Walkies - A fresh and earthy blend of cedarwood, rosemary, vetiver and patchouli – like taking a bushwalk on a summer's day. BASE INGREDIENTS: Water, grain alcohol, aloe vera gel, castor oil, glycerine and natural preservative.