Wondaree Macadamia Nuts

Type: Nuts & Seeds


Wondaree Macadamia Nuts are grown in the beautiful Atherton Tablelands in QLD and come from a family farm where every nut comes from a tree in the orchard of the family home. Wondaree Macadamia Nuts are available in three delicious flavours. Colourful and vibrant, these packs are perfect presents and designed to be accessible for the visually impaired. Sealed with a peg, these are the perfect Australian gift.

  • Natural Salted: Crunchy and salty, these are delicious with a cold beer and are an awesome all-rounder.
  • Smoked: These perennial favourites blend a smoky hint of hickory with the natural creaminess of Wondaree nuts. 
  • Honey: This hits the sweet spot — roasted in honey, the nuts emerge as golden chunks of colour with familiar Queensland flavours and a sweet oven crunch.