About Us

Doggy Hampers is a family-owned Australian business with a passion for creating lifelong memories and connecting people through a shared love of dogs.

Recognising special moments and turning those moments into lifelong memories is the core focus of Doggy Hampers.

Every gift hamper purchased through Doggy Hampers is hand packaged with the utmost care to ensure your loved one receives a one of a kind immaculately presented gift.

We believe that what sets us apart is our attention to detail when it comes to curating the best dog gift. We go the extra mile by making a Doggy Hamper an experience to remember. Our sensory approach to packaging our dog gift hampers creates a sense of anticipation, from our stylishly designed glossy magnetic closing gift boxes, to our silky hand tied ribboning, perfumed tissue wrap and scented wood shaving infill. And that's just the opening!

At Doggy Hampers we have partnered with Australian designers and artisans to bring you and your dog the best dog gifts that you will not find in a pet store! We trust you will enjoy your time in our store and encourage you to reach out with any questions or custom inquiries.

How It Began

Doggy Hampers has been creating lifelong memories for dog lovers since 2018. When looking for a Welcome gift for a friend who had just bought the puppy of her dreams, Leita Culpeper (founder) searched high and low for a pre curated gift to send her friend. But finding nothing suitable, she ended up spending several hours at the shopping centre to curate a gift that included elements for her friend and for her new puppy. Realising that there were no combined dog and dog lover gifts freely available, Leita set to creating a variety or pre curated gift hampers suitable for special occasions to make the process easier for other dog lovers who wanted to send a gift to both their friend and their dog. Doggy Hampers has since expanded to include a core selection of 10 luxury dog and dog lover gift hampers, as well as seasonal dog gift hampers and a build your own dog gift section.