Gift for my girlfriend

How to choose the perfect gift for my girlfriend

How to choose the perfect gift for my girlfriend

Choosing the perfect gift for my girlfriend in three easy steps

What is it that makes gift giving tricky? Well, it has a lot to do with the subconscious thought we put behind the meaning of a gift. We want the receiver of a gift to feel special but on some level we also want recognition as having given a great gift. At Doggy Hampers, gift giving is our business and our passion. Having spoken to hundreds of clients we have come up with three great pointers to help you select the perfect gift. 

Step 1 – Ensure your gift is useful

We all have special people in our lives, who are easy to please but hard to buy for! So the number one key to finding a perfect gift is to ensure your gift is useful. Nobody wants to give a gift and have it regifted or thrown out. So how do you know what will be a useful gift?


A good start would be to theme your gift. To theme your gift choose something which falls, within the persons day to day activity. A good consideration to make would be to theme your gift to the persons age, sex, occupation or interest. A 20 year old's day to day would be very different to a 50 year old's day to day. Theming your gift is a simple way to ensure your gift is useful to the recipient.


Step 2 – Ensure there is an element of surprise.

Ensure there is an element of surprise to your gift. A person is more likely to remember you and your amazing gift if it’s a surprise. A surprise builds anticipation and elicits a emotive response of gratefulness or intrigue. When someone ties emotion to an experience they are more likely to remember the occasion and your gift.

Step 3 – Only give gifts of good quality

Ensure your gift is of good quality. A luxurious gift that they would not buy for themselves arouses interest. Quality does not need to mean an expensive brand name. Quality means the gift will be reliable for the receiver. If the gift breaks or does not work shortly after receiving it the experience will be less positive.


So what gift should I buy my girlfriend?

I want a useful, quality gift which would come as a surprise to her. Put your girlfriends day into sections. Morning routine, travel, work, lunch, commute home, afternoon routine and relax time. What part of her day do you think that she looks forward to the most? Most likely the time at home, and afternoon relax is what she is looking forward to the most.


In this scenario theming your gift toward afternoon activities would be a good place to start your search. Remember to ensure your gift is useful, quality and has an element of surprise will get you a gift she will love.