How to write the perfect gift card in Five Easy Steps!

How to write the perfect gift card in Five Easy Steps!

How to write the perfect gift card in Five Easy Steps!

How to writing the perfect gift card in Five Easy Steps!

Gift messaging is a crucial component of the gifting process and should not be ignored. Messaging can be one of the most memorable ways to style a perfect gift. Carefully chosen words shows you have especially considered the receiver. Here are Five Simple Steps to follow to help you craft the perfect message. 

Step One - Use the persons name.

By directly addressing the recipient you immediately personalise your message and grab their attention. It may seem obvious to some, but it can be an easy thing to overlook. 

Step Two - Add Something of yourself

 Make a brief not about why you thought this particular gift would suit the recipient. This shows your gift has been thought about and been well considered. 

Step Three - Mention your gift in your message

By mentioning your gift you are tying together both the gift itself and the message you want your gift to represent. It is also an opportunity to explain why you especially chose this gift.

Step Four - Tell them why this gift is useful to them

By stating the intended reason for the gift you have an opportunity to relate your gift to an activity that the recipient likes to do.

Step Five - Season your message

By using their name, adding something of yourself, mentioning your gift and telling them why you chose it for them.  You now have the receivers undivided attention. Now finally you can relate the gift toward its intended purpose or the context for the gift. 

Gifts are an opportunity to show appreciation, gratitude and invest in relationships. The messaging process is extremely important and is your opportunity to articulate exactly why you have bought this gift in the first place.

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