The Perfect Gift For Dog Lovers In Four Fun Steps

The Perfect Gift For Dog Lovers In Four Fun Steps

The Perfect Gift For Dog Lovers In Four Fun Steps

Are you looking to choose a unique gift for her or surprise gift for him? Let us help you choose the perfect gift for dog lovers in four fun steps! Think for a moment about the numerous gifts you’ve received in your life. Now think about the moment you received the perfect gift, one that touched your heart and made you feel valued, appreciated, and cared for. Did you think of this gift because it was unique? Or was it something that you didn’t know you wanted? Or did you think of this gift because it was thoughtful, customised to you and unexpected? When you thought about your perfect gift, no matter the reason for liking it, did you notice the experience imprinted on your mind? It has become a very special memory.  Doggy Hampers strives to create these memories for you with our specially curated dog hampers by combining the love of dogs with the delight of giving a perfect gift. Here are four fun steps you can take to create the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life.

Shop By Occasion

Shopping by occasion is one of the simplest ways to choose a correctly themed gift for your recipient. Doggy Hampers has provided a Shopping By Occasion section on our website to assist you in choosing specifically themed gifts for Dog Birthday Gifts, Dog Get Well Gifts and many others. But choosing a gift for a specific occasion doesn’t always mean that your gift is unique. A unique gift idea is something that your recipient hasn’t seen before, something they haven’t considered and something they didn’t know they needed but would love to have. Here are some ways you can add a unique touch to your gift selection.

Choose a Gift Hamper as opposed to an individual product

Gift Hampers make a wonderful unique gift for two reasons. Firstly, it isn’t a single gift but a conglomerate of complimentary gifts all themed and purposed towards achieving a particular outcome for your recipient. The outcome may be to provide comfort in times of grief, to congratulate and share excitement in times of celebration, or to provide encouragement in times of uncertainty. Secondly, Gift Hampers include brands of products that your recipient may not be familiar with. This is because Gift Hampers are made from a selection of boutique suppliers of artisan products. By including these “rare” items in a Gift Hamper, your recipient feels valued that you took the extra time to source such unique and thoughtful products for them.

Customise your gift

Think about your gift recipient for a moment. What experiences have you shared that has brought you to this specific gift giving moment. Were you childhood friends who used to steal lollies when your parents weren’t looking? Maybe adding a bag of Kelly’s Candy will sweeten your recipient’s gift and bring back those frivolous childhood memories. Or you may remember that when working during winter your recipient mentioned several times that they had cold toes and needed some new socks. Maybe adding a tube of Boop Socks to your gift will add some humour and remind your recipient that you are a solid friend and listen to everything they have to say. Whatever the reason, adding a touch of personalisation can lift your gift from being a nice gift to becoming the perfect gift.

Add a personal message

This may sound obvious but you would be surprised how easy this is to overlook! Adding a personal message is crucial to creating the perfect gift. We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s the thought that counts”. This is true, but sometimes your “thought” needs a little more explanation than the gift by itself. Think about your gift customisation. If you added the bag of Kelly’s Candy to remind your recipient of your childhood antics, then make sure you mention why the bag of candy is in the hamper. Stating this simple fact will bring a wave of memories over your recipient and create a truly memorable gifting experience. When you add a message to your gift, the best part is that the length of your message doesn’t matter. You can write a message three words long or three pages long and it will still hold the same value for your recipient.

If you still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in one of our curated Gift Hampers, you can also create your own Gift Hamper from scratch in our Build Your Own Gift Hamper Section. This will enable you to fully customize your gifting experience by hand selecting each and every product. Just be sure to Add a Personal Message so your recipient can fully appreciate your gifting skills!