Crunch & Cuddle - Pineapple

$16.00 AUD
Type: Dog Toys

The Crunch & Cuddle is a reflection of all the great activities you love to do with your dog and is the ultimate versatile eco friendly dog toy. It can be used as a Crunch toy that can sink or float depending on what you insert into the pouch making it a great fetch toy in the water, or at the beach and park. It can be used as a Cuddle toy by inserting some of your worn clothing inside offering your dog comfort while you are away from home. Or it can be used as a Play toy for tugging with the stitched handle. The multi-functionality means that you can enjoy multiple uses with one versatile toy, plus it caters for a variety of dog breeds, sizes and interests.

Designed for 3 uses:

  • Interactive tug toy - Fill the Crunch & Cuddle with a used plastic bottle or rag. The reinforced stitching on the large tug handle will ensure you can interact with your pup in a game of tug for hours.
  • Crunch play toy - Fill the Crunch & Cuddle with a used plastic bottle and hear it crinkle n pop as your dog is stimulated and encouraged to chew.
  • Cuddle and comfort toy - Fill the Crunch & Cuddle with a piece of fabric or clothing to give your dog some extra comfort. This is a great option for bringing a new puppy home, simply fill the Crunch & Cuddle with some fabric scented from your pup’s mum and help them settle with ease into their new home. This is also a great option to assist your dog with separation anxiety when you leave the house. Fill the Crunch & Cuddle with an old t-shirt to allow your dog to carry your scent all day in your absence.

The Crunch & Cuddle is made from post consumer recycled plastic which has been diverted from oceans and landfill (GRS Certificate: S57823-G4-2021-00311500) . The recycled plastic is collected and placed through a conversion process to produce our Eco Yarn, a durable high tensile fabric used to create the exclusive designs you will find in each of our Crunch & Cuddle toys.

Disposal: When your Crunch & Cuddle has outlived its usefulness as a dog toy it can be disposed of as outlined below:

Tag – cut off the cotton tag and pace in general waste

Fabric – the rest of the toy can be placed in plastic recycling

Made From: Post consumer recycled plastic (GRS Certificate: S57823-G4-2021-00311500)