Eco Ball - Green and Yellow Swirl

$14.00 AUD
Type: Dog Toys

The Doggy Eco - Eco Ball has been designed for the adventure dog to change the way we think about play. The Eco Ball has a very unique composition of compounded New Zealand sheep wool making it a truly sustainable and eco friendly product while also being soft and non abrasive on teeth. The Eco Ball can absorb water making it heavy so it can be thrown as far or further than a tennis ball however it is 100% non toxic making it a safe and sustainable choice as a dog throwing toy.

The Eco Ball is soft to touch and can be gripped in the mouth of all dog sizes. The compounded and solid nature of the Eco Ball means it lasts longer than a generic tennis ball as it can withstand bites and tough chewers. The Eco Ball is non abrasive on teeth so it will not damage teeth or gums and promotes chewing for a strong jaw. The Eco Ball comes in three vibrant exclusive designs and is also machine washable.

Disposal: When your Eco Ball has finally come to the end of its use as a dog toy, you can add it to the garden whole or break it into smaller pieces to be used as compost.

Made From: Handmade from 100% New Zealand Wool 

Size: 7cm