Fringe Studio Champagne Mini

$27.00 AUD

Pop a bottle of squeaky fun! 

Get the “Feelin’ Bubbly” plush toy set for fun times all the time for your pet! This toy set features two champagne bottle plushies and a plush with various champagne-inspired sayings on it (“pop, fizz, clink”).

Each toy has a hidden loud squeaker inside to add to the bubblin’ fun and keeps your dog entertained and engaged.


  • 3-piece small dog plush toy set featuring a champagne bottle set!
  • Features 2 champagne bottles and another plush with sayings on it (“Pop, Fizz, Clink”)
  • Small enough to use with various burrowing or hide-and-seek interactive dog toys
  • Hidden squeaker in each toy for 3x the fun!

Size: 16.5 x 6.5cm